why cal poly

Cal Poly - My Choice

Hear the testimonials: VISIT Cal Poly and "Learn By Doing"

Cal Poly offers a distinctive learning community to academically focused students. Our hands-on educational approach is designed to prepare students for today's scientific and technical world. At Cal Poly, students and faculty are partners in discovery. The University fosters teaching, scholarship, and service in a unique Learn By Doing environment.

Cal Poly:

  • Promotes the application of theory to practice
  • Provides a balanced education in the arts, sciences, and technology
  • Encourages cross-disciplinary and co-curricular experiences
  • Values free inquiry, cultural and intellectual diversity, mutual respect, civic engagement, and social and environmental responsibility
  • Prepares students to be well-rounded professionals, whole-system thinkers, problem solvers, and leaders
  • Is one of the largest, most comprehensive university facilities of any campus in the United States (6,000 acre main campus, an oceanographic research facility in Avila Beach, and a 3,000 acre field laboratory north of Santa Cruz, California)
  • Is located in a safe area with a small-town atmosphere

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